Is That All You Got?


Three news items caught my eye this week…. 

Here’s a nugget from Rush Limbaugh’s 2/28 radio program…

“…just like when that picture came out with Obama in al-Zarqawi garb”.

What was that what he was wearing, Rush? The clothing of the formerly alive and kicking Jordanian-born head of Al Queda in Iraq? You tryin’ to tell us something, Rush? Oh I get it, you want us to think: Obama = Terrorist.

Just an FYI to el Rushbo, Sen. Obama was wearing traditional nomadic attire from Africa. 

Hmmmm, I checked and nowhere in al-Zarqawi’s profile is “Africa” even mentioned. But that’s a small detail for Rush. They all look the same, right Rush?

Poor Rush just can’t stop grindin’ on that image and on Sen. Obama’s middle name, “Hussein”. He spouts about “freedom of speech!” rights when they are convenient for him. 

Actually he’s confirming his narrow-minded shallowness here. I suppose if Barack Obama isn’t wearing the same style golf shirts and fish ties that the former pain-killer-addict Rush wears he’s some kindo of demonic anti-Christ.

And what exactly was he wearing?


Here’s what the BBC had to say about the outfit….

“These are the normal clothes that nomadic people wear. The head turban is especially used by elderly people as a suggestion of respect. It is something that has no meaning whatsoever in Somalia culture. If you see someone dressed like that in Somalia, you think it is a nomadic person – that is all.”

But some neo-cons just love to insinuate that if elected, Sen. Barack Obama is going to hand over the keys to the White House to Osama bin Laden. Actually, they are simply frozen with fear that their special interests, their old boys club, are being flushed away like the crap they are.

Then there’s the racist talkshow host, Bill Cunningham, howling out, “Barack HUSSEIN Obama” numerous times as an opening act for an Ohio McCain event. I have mixed feelings about this kind of fear-mongering; I feel my intelligence has been grossly insulted AND I feel like grossly throwing up. 

Finally there is the hypocritical criticism about the so-holy, so-politically-correct…LAPEL FLAG PIN!!!….and why, oh lord why, does that Obama charatcter NOT wear one???

True “patriots” cry FOUL!

“Obama is unpatriotic!”

Let’s hear it from U.S. Representative Jack Kingston (R-GA), but, um, wait…what? ole Jack isn’t wearing a pin either?!?!?



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