McCain’s VP


John McCain has attempted to return to his self-loved roots as political maverick by choosing Alaska’s governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. But really, what does this say about his decision making and how he sees the world?

Let’s take a look at Palin. She’s a 44 year old mother of five, with the youngest having been born only 4 months ago with Down Syndrome. And she was back at work 3 days after young “Trig” was born. There’s a great example of maverick family values. 

She’d be a heartbeat away from being president. And as she would be serving under the oldest president in our history that should be looked at closely.

Here’s the 2 year governor of Alaska, a mother of 5 young-ish children (the eldest is a son, “Track”, who joined the army at 18 yrs of age on 9/11/07), with no practical experience in world affairs, and arguably, in the affairs of the contiguous US.

She was born in Idaho, and her family moved to Alaska when she was an infant but returned to attend the University of Idaho.

Idaho and Alaska? And Republicans raise eyebrows when it comes to Obama’s life?

Well, I for one prefer Obama, who has lived in Kansas, Hawaii, Chicago, New York City and Washington; who has attended US universities of Harvard, Columbia and Occidental; who has the perspective and experience to know where the USA fits in the world of nations.

Today I heard Palin exclaim, “My fellow Americans, come join our cause!”

I’m not sure what that cause is but I’ll be watching the RNC next week. Is it more of that graveyard & money pit of Iraq? Is it more of the same embarrassing “leadership” we’ve experienced with Bush and Cheney? More fear mongering and “mission accomplished”?

My initial reaction is that this is a terrible choice for the person that will be a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Especially with McCain’s age. It’s a transparent attempt to win Hillary’s supporters by appealing to the gender issue. It appears the Republican’s feel that women supporting Hillary were not concerned (or aware) of the issues, only that she could join the Red Hat Society.

Is Sarah Palin really the best potential leader that the Republican party has to offer as the Veep? 

Well, she’s definitely “en vogue”.


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