Obama takes Iowa


I didn’t intend to post for awhile, and I certainly do not want to overvalue the Iowa caucuses, but after considering the possibility…

Take just a moment to imagine what it would be like. The greatest nation on earth, the world’s only superpower, electing as president, Barack Obama. The most powerful man in the world will be a Kenyan-Kansan. 

The United States will forever be able to look at itself differently. The rest of the world will have to look at the United States differently.

Never again will the most exclusive club on earth be made up of old white men…. as Jimmy Buffett said in “Only Time Will Tell”….

“Are we destined to be ruled by a bunch of old white men
Who compare the world to football and are programmed to defend…”

With apologies to Mrs. Clinton, the election of Sen. Obama would be a watershed moment like no other, with worldwide implications far beyond any breaching of the gender ceiling.

Here would be the most powerful man in the world, and he would be Kenyan-Kansan…I just had to repeat that. 

The term “New World Order” scares alot of folks. But take away the conspiracy crap and know that what this world may need is exactly that…a new order, a new way to look at things, a new way to deal with things. 

How better to begin the process then to elect a man that is truly an everyman. His mixed ethnicity reflects the rainbow of humanity. He will be fresh- not one of the old boys-which may finally turn that network on its ear.

No big oil, no weapons manufacturers, no big lobby groups, no unseemly law firm deals are hiding in this man’s closet.

The resources that we as a country continue to misuse should be better directed. The messages we send out to the rest of the world should NOT be that of paranoid isolationists.They should be guides by example.

Pollyannaish? Nah. Altruistic? Maybe. Unconventional? definitely.

This is not a repeat of late 70’s Carter-sville. The world is incredibly different now. Simply replacing or maintaining the status quo with a flavor of the month is not enough (see Huckabee, Giuliani, et al).

Not many could argue that these are not drastic times (see Pakistan), they require drastic means.

Just think about it for a minute.  


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