Today’s News

Today’s News

Wow, one look at the MSN front page shows it is most definitely NOT a slow news day.

Not sure which is bigger:

Tornado kills 8

20 dead as Taliban storms ministry

Peanut plant owner refuses to testify

Israel in limbo after election

Merril Lynch execs gets $3.2 BILIION in bonuses days before buy-out

7.0 Earthquake hits Indonesia

Favre retires (again)!

It’s easy (for me) to get sidetracked and start absorbing all these events. Thankfully as of late I have been able to self-monitor and not become obsessed with the events of the day. The affects of giving so much attention to the negative are damaging to day-to-day life. 

Verse 8,  translated another way…..

Behind me are tall mountain peaks. Behind you is a valley river. The water makes its way from the sky to the peaks. The peaks to the river. Along its journey, a doe will sip from it. A tree will sink its roots into it. A murderer will wash the blood from his hands in it. The water does not care. This is like the Tao. Keep to the simple in thought, in work, in pleasure, in living. When you are content like the river, you will have admiration. But that does not matter.


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