chapter 368

~~~ The Source conferred.  Agreeing the soul would manifest again. A higher level of enlightenment had been earned and added; a higher level of meddling ego would be its test.  Prepare to return to the where & when  Let's make it interesting   return as a Gemini. ~~~

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AWV World Music Video

Every Friday Azjamon World View will post a world music video in an effort to bring something new and different to your day. Today we present “Makeda” from Les Nubians Les Nubians is the “Afropean” R&B Grammy-nominated duo composed of sisters Hélène (born 1974) and Célia Faussart (born 1978) from Paris, France. Their mother is Cameroonian and their father is French.

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What were they thinking?

  The Spanish men's basketball team at the Olympics stomped on the spirit of friendly international competition recently by posing for a promotional picture thusly.... But the bar for poor sportsmanship was set even lower when the New York Times reported.... "This being the Olympics, where every perceived antisocial slight is recorded and remembered, the Spaniards will have to carry the fallout of the photo around for…

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New Printer

I picked up a new printer last week; the Epson Stylus Pro 3800. Not as gigantic as the self-standing models; this one fits perfectly in the apartment and will handle up to 17" x 22" prints on almost any type of media. Now I can handle the entire process start to finish. Travel, shoot, develop, and print.    

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Family Album

This is the "Words" department, however some days the old adage, "a picture is worth..." works better. Or maybe I'm being lazy? nah...  ...and with that I give you a "Family Album" (click to enlarge) Go Barry!

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Andrea Bocelli Canto Della Terra    *    Si lo so Amore che io e te Forse stiamo insieme Solo qualche instante Zitti stiamo Ad ascoltare Il cielo Alla Finestra Questo mondo che Si Sveglia e la notte e Gia cosi lontana Gia lontana Guarda questa terra che Che gira insieme a noi Anche quando e buio Guarda questa terra che Che gira anche per…

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verse 53

  If I have even just a little sense I should walk in the Great Way, and my only fear would be straying.   The Great Way is very smooth and straight, and yet the people prefer devious paths. That is why the court is corrupt, the fields lie in waste, the granaries are empty.   Dressing magnificently, wearing a sharp sword, stuffing…

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