I got up at 4am the other morning to watch the eclipse. I can't remember if it was a Lunar or Solar but I do know that the Earth was passing between the Sun and the Moon- so in effect the Earth's shadow was being cast across the lunar landscape. I shot a couple hundred images...all hand-held, so the results were a bit…

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It’s in the Hole

I have a problem with this. "This" being a musical interlude setting a particular tone for the Masters Tournament beginning this morning at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. So here we have a Nina Simone ballad, "Feeling Good", playing while a mosaic of players and past champions is paraded by. At the very least it is 90 seconds of irony. At…

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Neo-Colonizing the Mind

      My application of┬áNgugi wa Thiongo'o's concept of "colonizing the mind".   Please click here:┬áPrezi Presentation    

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