Okay, McCain says tonight that the ACORN voter registration fiasco may, “…be destroying the fabric of this democracy.”

Come on. Can he continue to believe he will win this election by throwing stale red meat at the feet of the most inept, unintelligent voters?

For those that believe the fix is in and Obama/Ayers & Co. are perpetrating the greatest heist in American history as puppets of bin Laden, please take a deep breath, relax, and listen to the facts.

ACORN representatives/voter recruiters – whatever you want to call them – were being paid by the amount of voters they signed up. Because most of these employees were of the entry-level type, some of the unscrupulous (lazy) ones took advantage of the freedom that blank registration cards presented and began filling them out with fictitious information.

For example, the oft heard “Mickey Mouse, and the offensive line of the Dallas Cowboys. Believe it or not, those folks won’t be voting. This is a case of lazy workers trying to beat the system.

And guess what, do you know how the Justice Deptartment was informed about these dubious registrations? By ACORN themselves. They are the ones that flag the suspicious cards and advise the Justice Deptartment that they should be investigated.

ACORN has nothing to hide and they are required to submit ALL registration cards- even the ones showing Mickey Mouse.

This is simply another case of McCain trying to make something out of nothing and another case of McCain trying to win the election with sleight if hand. 



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