I really needed to post something, simply because I can’t stand seeing that picture of “The Dog” leading off my blog. Maybe his extended 15 minutes of fame are finally up. Time for something completely different.

After living in Phoenix for over 10 years I would like to say, enough “Southwestern Style” already, enough tiled roofs, enough new construction! I may have done a 180 since moving from Milwaukee in ’96. I miss historical architecture. I miss tree-lined neighborhoods; with sidewalks and driveways. I miss the color of autumn and the white in christmas. I miss summers spent outdoors. I don’t miss January through May.

So I do view my hometown Milwaukee from a different lens now. If I ever moved back I’d do it all differently. I’d utilize and enjoy more of the downtown, eastside and lakefront. There’s a great vibe there. Although I may have instant regret if/when I slap another “America’s Dairyland” license plate on my car.

I even like Chicago, Milwaukee’s big brother. Sure they don’t get along too well, but with the megalopolis that runs from Northwest Indiana to Sheboygan, these siblings cities are joined at the hip. Milwaukee may be “Chi-town lite” but that is not necessarily a bad thing for either. The world class attractions in Chicago are a short drive or train ride away.

But I love Montreal. Love it. The melding of Europe and North America into an eclectic mix of street cafes, jazz clubs, caribbean flavor, summer festivals and big city folks that know how to get through tough winters.

I’d really like to explore Miami. Maybe it’s the place that has it all. Climate & Culture. Okay there’s also the humidity, hurricanes and cost of living. 

Ideally my objective would be to enjoy the northern cities from July to December, then head to the equator from January to May.



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