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A popular meme going around lately goes something like this:

You can support Jesus, or you can support Trump, but you can’t do both” – John Fugelsang.

In other words, if you’re religious, you can’t possibly support Trump, a man with such an obscene history of greed, misogyny, bigotry, etc., that he could indeed be the anti-christ (I’m an agnostic, so that was tongue-in-cheek).

So why did so many religious groups support Trump? Why did so many god-loving voters cast for Trump? Seems like an oxymoron (emphasis on the “moron).

Actually, it might be a fairly simple explanation. Throughout history, human beings flocked to religion and were proud of being “god-fearing”.That’s correct, they feared their god. Of course they considered him (almost always “him”) to be loving also. But mostly they feared god. And when seemingly inexplicable catastrophes befell them? Well, even their own religious experts were befuddled but humbled, because after all, who knows god’s plan?

On and on throughout millennia, untold numbers of humans suffered and died of a multitude of reasons other than “natural causes” of old age. Why didn’t god prevent any of these? Or if God did prevent some (how would we know anyway?), then why not all? Earthquakes, war, plane crashes, fires, car accidents, etc., etc. etc.

Either god doesn’t exist or he/she doesn’t give a damn, or who knows? I go with the last one, of course it’s “who knows”? Its definitely not human beings that’s for sure. No one knows.

But religion has been a great machine of human control. It gives people what they want, hope. But here’s the beauty of the con, it’s “hope” of an after-life. No need to explain or improve anything in THIS life. Just trust us (faith) and you’ll get the reward later (for the extreme of that, see “suicide bombers”).

So why wouldn’t Trump be popular amongst the various flocks? He gives them hope. Not in anything tangible, but in his words, no matter how full of BS they are. Even better for him, they fear him. They do. He’s the “strong”, “wealthy” (I buy into neither of those), alpha-male (that too), that they yearn for. So what if he’s an admitted pussy-grabber and lusts after his own daughter? – After all, he’s only human. Yuck.

So sorry John Fugelsang, in fact anyone can be religious and support Trump. Hell, their religion is pretty much supporting the “heavenly” version of Trump already.

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