The Players

Just to get my feet wet again, I thought I’d paste some notes I’ve taken since January 20th…a day that will live in infamy.

Here they are. Here are those great Americans who are NOT part of the swamp he’s draining. Please note, I am being sarcastic. I despise this president. I despise everything I know about him. Literally, I have never heard of a single quality which I would admire or applaud. He his a goon, a punk, a grifter, a con, a criminal, a bigot, a racist, a misogynist, a thief, and on and on I could go.

But instead, here, I offer the “team” (some are not in here, its tough to keep up)….

Chief Strategist- Steve Bannon (empowered White Nationalist movement, believes in “genetic superiority”, supports voting rights to only property owners.)

Commerce Sec- Wilbur Ross (Billionaire private-equity baron who scooped up failing companies, squeezed every last nickel out of them by firing workers and shipping business lines offshore, and usually profited by navigating the companies through bankruptcy.

(EXPOSED) National Security Adviser: Gen. Michael Flynn (along with his son, spread false news about Clinton running a child-sex ring which led to a domestic terrorist firing shots in pizzaria. Retweeted anti-Semitic threats, and Islamophobia.)

Defense Sec- Gen. James Mattis (after DT nominated him, he vowed to reporters that he would “make killing great again”, and that “the survivors of the globe will write about what we do for the next 10,000 years.)

CIA- Michael Pompeo (KS congressman who has close ties to the Koch brothers, called an Indian-American Dem State rep a “Turban Topper”, praised CIA’s former detention & interrogation program, wants to “walk away” from the Iran nuclear agreement.)

Education Sec- Betsy Devos (billionaire who laments that public schools have “displaced” the Church and wants to “advance God’s Kingdom”.)

Health & Human Services Sec- Tom Price (Wants to bar federal funds for Planned Parenthood, introduced legislation that would make it easier for doctors to defend themselves against medical malpractice lawsuits and to opt out of Medicare and charge more than the amounts normally allowed by the program’s rules.)

Medicare/Medicaid Admin- Seema Verma (Introduced work requirements and lockout periods for impoverished recipients of Medicaid in three states

Homeland Security- Gen John F. Kelly Ret. (against women in combat and supports Guantanamo Bay operations.)

HUD- Ben Carson (doesn’t that government can be a force for good, convinced that “pulling yourself by the bootstraps” is the key to success even though he and his mother relied on food stamps and free glasses. Believes Islam is not a religion and that there is a covert plot underway to destroy America.)

Atty General- Jeff Sessions (has fought legal immigration, voting rights, climate-change skeptic, and Southern Poverty Law Center calls his mere presence in DT’s circle as “a tragedy for American Politics.)

Transportation Sec- Elaine Chow (wife of Sen Mitch McConnell and former Labor Sec under G.W.Bush).

Treasury Sec- Steve Mnuchin (Goldman Sachs billionaire who led an investment team that bought the predatory lender IndyMac for $1.65 billion, foreclosed on homeowners, harvested fees for appraisals and inspections and late payments, and got protected by a federal backstop. The FDIC lost $13 billion on IndyMac; Mnuchin and company made $3 billion.

EPA- Scott Pruitt (climate-change denier and a close ally of the fossil fuel industry. As an Atty Gen he fought health care law and environmental regulations.)

SBA- Linda McMahon (Billionaire co-founder of World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.)

They all make me sick.

From somewhere hot,


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