Welcome, Rep. Steve King (R-IA)


The race for my “Fear-Monger of the Year Award” is tightening, no question about it. Besides the ludicrous Rush Limbaugh, exposing dense ignorance and elitism, we’ve heard from the out-of-touch radio talkshow host Bill Cunningham yelling from high on the mountaintop, “Barack HUSSEIN Obama”. 

We’ve also seen Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) come out of the closet sans lapel flag pin, hypocrytically crying about Sen.Obama’s taste in fashion accessories.

What do these guys have in common? Well for starters they’ve made alot of noise about why Barack Obama should NOT be the President of the United States. In their view, they caution American voters about casting a ballot for Sen. Obama…..

A) …because he has worn traditional nomadic African elder garb.

B) …because of his middle name…I repeat: because if his MIDDLE NAME!

C) …because he does not wear a flag pin. (note, that the politician criticizing him also was NOT wearing a flag pin.)

These are some shrewd intellectuals, no doubt. They have obviously focused on the tough issues that matter to Mr. & Mrs. American voter.

But wait, before we resign ourselves to a three-horse race, let’s welcome to the fold U.S. Rep. Steve King (R-IA).

Here’s what this gem of a “leader” had to say about the Obama candidacy….

U.S. Rep. Steve King on Friday announced his bid for a fourth term in Congress — and he raised some eyebrows with comments about National Security under a potential Barack Obama administration.

It was during a stop at the KICD studios in north Spencer that he also talked about the presidential campaign….

“I don’t want to disparage anyone because of their race, their ethnicity, their name – whatever their religion their father might have been,” he said.

“I’ll just say this: When you think about the option of a Barack Obama potentially getting elected President of the United States — I mean, what does this look like to the rest of the world? What does it look like to the world of Islam?”

He continued: “I will tell you that, if he is elected president, then the radical Islamists, the al-Qaida, the radical Islamists and their supporters, will be dancing in the streets in greater numbers than they did on September 11 because they will declare victory in this War on Terror.”…

…”Additionally, his middle name (Hussein) does matter,” King said. “It matters because they read a meaning into that in the rest of the world. That has a special meaning to them. They will be dancing in the streets because of his middle name. They will be dancing in the streets because of who his father was and because of his posture that says: Pull out of the Middle East and pull out of this conflict.”

He continued: “There are implications that have to do with who he is and the position that he’s taken. If he were strong on national defense and said ‘I’m going to go over there and we’re going to fight and we’re going to win, we’ll come home with a victory,’ that’s different. But that’s not what he said. They will be dancing in the streets if he’s elected president. That has a chilling aspect on how difficult it will be to ever win this Global War on Terror.”

…..okay, I get it. Enough already. I don’t know what is more ridiculous, King’s fear of Obama’s election or the threat to this country of dancing Muslims. I saw this move, it was called “Footloose”.

But wait, there’s more…..

Steve King seems to want it both ways. He’s preaching about his fear of dancing terrorists, and about winning the war against this threat to his beloved Iowa. He wants us all to believe how dangerous it is out in that dark alley known as “the world”.

It’s filled with “THEM”and they are are not like us. They have middle names given to them by their FATHERS, who may or may not have been of a certain religion. From there I guess its one small step from a complete takeover of DesMoines.

Or maybe he’s more afraid of something even closer to home?

Take a look at what he said on the House Floor back on June 12th, 2007….

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) downplayed the violence on the ground in Iraq, claiming his wife is taking a greater risk by living in Washington, D.C. King said:

“27.51 Iraqis per 100,000 die a violent death on an annual basis. 27.51.”

“Now what does that mean? To me, it really doesn’t mean a lot until I compare it to people that I know or have a feel for the rhythm of this place.”

“Well I by now have a feel for the rhythm of this place called Washington, D.C., and my wife lives here with me, and I can tell you, Mr. Speaker, she’s at far greater risk being a civilian in Washington, D.C. than an average civilian in Iraq. 45 out of every 100,000 Washington, D.C. regular residents die a violent death on an annual basis.”

Okay. I think we can surmise from this that Rep.Steve King is scarier than horror-writer Stephen King.

He sounds like someone who is afraid to come outside at night, who is afraid of the “big city”, who is afraid of anyone and anything that doesn’t look like him, sound like him, dress like him, or smell like him. It sounds to me like he’d rather rid the country and the world of anything different.

He’s worried about his wife in D.C. He’s worried about his constituants in Iowa. He’s worried about happy Muslims.

Or maybe he’s just worried that the band will soon stop playing HIS dance, “The White Man Stomp”.


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