Be Prepared

To prepare for my trip to Africa I corresponded with experienced travelers from couchsurfing for advice. While I surfed the web for information, I stumbled on pixelatedimage. This is the blog/gallery of humanitarian-photojournalist David duChemin. I sent him a “cold-call” email and he provided me with invaluable information. As an experienced traveler and incredible photographer he’s an inspiration for a wannabe like me. I hope I can…

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Cape Coast Castle

If you had a chance to check out "The Images" page of this site, thank you.  I've had the greatest pleasure this year accessing not only legendary performers and a country's birthday celebration, but also the deeply profound experience of visiting Cape Coast Castle. To stand in the slave dungeons, to walk through the "door of no return", were experiences that defy description. How…

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A Trip to Somewhere Special

People asked me why I was going to Africa. When they found out I wasn't going "on safari", the change in facial expression indicated they either did not share my enthusiasm, or they really had a genuine interest in the "where, how and why". A year ago (August '06) I did alot of staring at world maps. I was going somewhere special. I just didn't know where. I had all the necessary ingredients to…

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