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  • Master of Arts Interdisciplinary Studies, Arizona State University, New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences. May, 2016. GPA 4.00/4.00.
  • Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies, Arizona State University College of Letters and Sciences. May, 2013, summa cum laude; GPA 3.98/4.00. African and African-American Studies (certificate) and Human Rights.
  • Outstanding Graduate Award, Arizona State University College of Letters & Sciences, May, 2013.
  • Leanor Boulin-Johnson Award for Academic Achievement in African and African- American Studies, Arizona State University School of Social Transformation, May, 2013.


Selected Interdisciplinary Projects

  • Oral History Video: “Hal Brown – The Incomplete Stories of an Irregular Guy”.
  • Advanced Video Production: One Minute Film: “My Name is Dut”.
  • African Politics in Film: Short Film: “The Lost Boys of Sudan; an Interview with Jany Deng”.
  • Presentation: “Ngugi wa Thiong’o; Decolonize Your Mind”.
  • Research Report: “Resettled Refugees: Former Lost Boys of Sudan and the American Dream”.
  • Research Report: “Review and analysis of named ‘Interdisciplinary Studies’ graduate programs and their corresponding university web sites”.



08/2016-08/2022. Instructor Faculty of Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies, Arizona State University College of Integrative Sciences and Arts. Teach courses in Interdisciplinary Studies to a diverse student population. Effectively instruct, support, and guide students who are simultaneously engaged in a broad range of disciplines and interests. Collaborate with colleagues to improve and modify evolving course curriculum. Enthusiastically engage with students individually and collectively in an online environment (Blackboard). Earnestly represent and advocate for the field of Interdisciplinary Studies through lessons and projects which are relevant to real-world topics.

08/2015-08/2016. Teaching Assistant. Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ. Provide support and grading to instructors, and advise and assist students. Collaborate with lecturers and professors on lesson plans. Lecture hall and online environments. Extensive evaluation and grading of weekly Blackboard discussions, hand-written mid-term and final essay exams, social media posts, and review short films.

09/2009-04/2011. Instructor. Refugee Resettlement Services, Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest, Phoenix, AZ. Collaborate with staff, and develop, implement curriculum. Instruct recently resettled refugees from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. Present classroom curriculum through lecture, multi-media and role-playing exercises. Classes included:

  • Cultural Orientation: Implement broad-based curriculum on adapting to diverse American culture by introducing fundamental skills, cultural norms and positive attitudes, which contribute significantly toward self-determination.
  • Employment Skills: Introduce skills that maximize employability through role- playing and confidence building exercises. Lessons included completing job applications and prepare for interviews.
  • Technology Skills: Expand competencies in technology, emphasizing typing skills, effective use of productivity software, use of the internet, social media, and value of technology.

08/1997-Present. Senior Account Manager. Insight Enterprises, MicroAge, Virtual Communications Specialists. Tempe, Arizona. Athens, Texas. Develop, service and increase client base, and increase revenue through sales of internet technology and other products. Generate commission income through annual revenue between $200,000 and $3 million. Recognized for superior organizational leadership, revenue production, and client relationship development. Train and mentor new representatives.

03/1993-12/1996. Corrections Officer/Sergeant. Milwaukee County House of Correction, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. Maintain safety and security. Develop and implement policies and procedures. Train officers in specialized skills of observation, communication and documentation. Submit precise records and reports. Work effectively with diverse populations. Supervise and communicate effectively with officers and inmates, perform life-saving actions and lead emergency response teams.



03/2007- Present. Photographer, Multimedia Artist, Videographer, Journalist. Compose and create interdisciplinary art/projects focusing on African/African American Studies topics, oral history and biography. Develop and maintain website ( Exhibit artwork at local multicultural events. Featured artist of 2011 Valley of the Sun Juneteenth Day Celebration, June, 2011. Official photographer for and rock band U2 “360” tour stop in Phoenix, October, 2011.

Amnesty International. Provide information to the community at various events and participate in human rights campaigns. Official photographer for human rights music festival, Localpalooza.

Association of Interdisciplinary Studies. Member, 2015-2017.


Graduate/Upper Level Interdisciplinary Coursework

Interdisciplinary Studies:

  • MAS 501 Methods of Interdisciplinary Inquiry
  • MAS 502 Perspectives in Interdisciplinary
  • MAS 505 Theory Change, Culture & Mind
  • MAS 585 Documentary/Oral History Videography
  • MAS 598 Analysis of Graduate Interdisciplinary Studies Programs

Film & Media Studies:

  • MAS 590 Documentary Film Analysis
  • MAS 598 Advanced Video Production
  • MAS 598 New Media

Human Rights/Global Justice:

  • JUS 589 Global Justice
  • JUS 352 Global Politics of Human Rights
  • MAS 598 Hate Speech, Manifestos and Radical Writings
  • MAS 598 Science and Religion
  • JUS 484 LSS-SW Refugee Resettlement (internship)
  • POS 368 Ethics and Human Rights
  • REL 379 Religion, Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict
  • AFS 394 Inequality & Diversity in Education
  • SGS 394 International Institutions

African & African-American Studies:

  • AFR 420 Race, Ethnicity & Politics
  • AFS 394 African Politics in Film
  • AFS 372 Islam and Islamic Societies
  • AFH 364 Unruly Voices
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