World Music Video

Our weekly world music video features "Soulstorm" from Patrice. Patrice Bart-Williams, was born July 9, 1979 in Kerpen to a German mother and the Sierra Leonean writer-activist Gaston Bart-Williams. Better known as Patrice, he is an Afro-German reggae artist. He also often uses his second name: Babatunde (Yoruba: return of the father), which his parents gave him since Patrice was born on the same day…

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This story has legs….

The party of the higher moral ground is going to be in full spin mode with this latest news.  McCain's Veep choice, Sarah Palin, said Monday that her 17-year-old, unmarried daughter, is five months pregnant. The announcement is likely aimed at rebutting rumors that the Alaskan Gov's youngest son, born in April, was actually her daughter's. A statement released by the campaign said that "Bristol" Palin will keep her…

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The Wrath of God (insert quarter)

  I ran across this video a minute ago and cannot believe the irony. Here's Stuart Shepard, Director of Digital Media for Focus On the Family, standing in front of Mile High Stadium in Denver late last week. He's standing there to make a plea for his followers to pray for rain to spoil Barack Obama's acceptence speech. He's praying to a "vending-machine" God. The God with the white beard…

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