Research Reports & Presentations

The following documents are research reports I submitted as an Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies undergraduate and a Master of Interdisciplinary Studies graduate student…

Resettled Refugee & The American Dream (undergrad work)

Interdisciplinary Programs Report (graduate work)

In 2011 I discovered a more dynamic alternative to PowerPoint; Prezi ( Prezi offers creative options and tools to make a presentation more visually appealing. Prezi is also extremely easy to use.

Below are a few of my Prezis. Note I added verbal commentary when I presented them. Click on one, select the full-screen option and then using your right arrow key (or left to go back), click through the presentation.

“Ngugi wa Thiong’o; Decolonize Your Mind”


“‘The God Theory’ by Bernard Haisch, PhD.”


“The Interview Method”


“5 French Speaking African Countries”


“Rwanda through Somalia” 

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