See ya 2014

Time to say good-bye to 2014. Almost everything that could have happened did happen. Well yes that's an exaggeration, but it was a roller coaster ride of a year. The year started with an escape from frigid Wisconsin, as we arrived back in the desert warmth in February. Valentine's Day was a familial disaster of epic proportions; so be it. Spring provided me…

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You & Me

Ya, it's like this....

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Good Riddance

For a song with a rude title, the sentimentality is palpable. Life is continuously slamming some doors in our face and cracking opening others for a peek. Some we try to jam with a foot, others we push on with all our might. And sometimes all we can do is just keep walking down the hallway.... as long as you have the time…

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fictional influences

For one reason or another, these fictional characters made significant impacts on my life, beginning in 1971 when I was 13.... *** Tom Corbett 1971 ("Eddie's Father") Jeremiah Johson 1972 Josey Wales 1976 Richard Collier 1980 Terry Brogan 1984 Larry Darrell 1986

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Today it finally happened. Lame duck presidencies can do wonders for progress. And it was sure time for this move. Re-establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba is just the start. But it's huge. Removing Cuba from the "States of Terror" list will be even bigger (remember that Nelson Mandela was listed as a terrorist by the US well into this century). It's time we…

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Rough Road

How is it that a "bug" that seems to be going around be considered "atypical"? Seems to me that if a lot of folks are getting it, i's more "typical". But who am I, as an amateur hypochondriac, to second guess my doctor who I've been going to for 17 years? The guy knows me...maybe too much, but I suppose the doc-patient relationship…

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I just wanted this video where I could get to it. Hallelujah, by the poet who wrote it, the great Leonard Cohen...

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La meme Histoire

Life's a dance we all have to do  why does the music quiet... People are moving together close as the flames in the fire... feel the beat, music and rhyme while there is time... We all go 'round and 'round partners are lost and found... looking for one. more. chance. All I know is... We're all in the dance.....

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USA Goddam

Maybe this is all too typical of how we (have to) deal with events in our world which drive us crazy. If I write that I want to balance my extraordinary frustration (emblematic of Jon Stewart in my previous post) with another post that will make me feel better, does that belittle the tragedy, even only as far as I feel it? Does…

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