April First Friday


Another month and another First Friday this week. Once again we’ll be enjoying the evening at the Bantu Bistro, 7th Ave & Campbell. Every month the weather gets better and better to be outdoors, and every month my work seems to be a little more presentable.

This month I am unveiling a standard 16 x 20 size. The image is 10.5 x 13.5 and printed on Epson Velvet Fine Art paper; matted with top quality cotton rag.  The entire piece is archival from the paper to the ink to the mat to the backing- and even the plastic bag. No skimping, no junk.

And here’s the best part; I am offering them for only $25 each.

But back to the venue…   

I’m looking forward to the food, especially the groundnut stew, ndole, fufu, plantain, and curry-anything. It is simply off the charts delicious.

I’m not sure who the entertainment is this month but if it’s Soul Power and/or the Arizona Africa Drum & Dance folks, we’re in for a treat.

Come on down and say hello.


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