IMG_6205In an effort to keep you current (“you” lol, as if), here’s an updated blog post. Also, I couldn’t stand seeing my most recent post always coming up; “Way behind…”. I don’t do “way behind”.

Anyway, since driving off the lot with a 2016 model Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies degree from ASU, I figured I needed to get right to the job search, or like a new car, my value would decrease exponentially.

Fortunately, I have a great mentor in Dr. Michael Pryzdia, who has been in my corner since undergrad, and was instrumental in my receiving the Outstanding Graduate of the Year award from the ASU School of Letters and Sciences in 2013. He set up a meeting with the director of the undergrad interdisciplinary studies program, Dr. Kevin Ellsworth, late last fall (That’s networking, folks).

The purpose of that was to “put me on his radar” insofar as my qualifications to be considered for a professor position. Without the pressure of a formal interview for a definitive job opening, this type of meeting is a great way to get oneself in front of decision-makers. I thought that this get-to-know-Michael meeting went very well, albeit no promises were made whatsoever.

Cut to the chase and last week I got the call and barring any unforeseen problems, will be teaching one of the core BIS classes beginning in August. In early May I had applied for the Faculty Assistant (adjunct) opening in the department.

Its not full-time, but its a foot-in-the-door. I’m thrilled for the opportunity and am enthusiastically preparing. This is an online, condensed class that runs from August to October; the first half of the semester. I am hoping with Dr. P.’s help I’ll be teaching a class in the second half of the semester as well.

That would give me two reviews and that’s what I’ll need to apply for a full-time position- my ultimate goal.

From somewhere a bit chilly,



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