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Random thoughts & observations….

Duane “Dog” Chapman’s obscenity laced taped phone conversation has unleashed (again) the typical “vultures of talk”; and their deliciously pecking of every maggoty morsel left from his road-killed carrion. Before you pass judgment against the son that likely “ratted him out”, consider that there is not much more of a hurt then to be spurned by a parent- except maybe a cheating spouse. As for the Dog’s outburst? There is no defense. The essence of this man’s racial bigotry was displayed more accurately in a REAL 90 sec phone call, than in the hours of “REALITY” shows he produced- by admission- disingenuously. 

Major League Baseball is the only one of the major sports that does not allow for any public gesture of sportsmanship at the conclusion of the game. Football, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, and Golf, all do something. NASCAR does not count.

Are we paying too much attention to…

-Dancing with Stars?

-Paris Hilton?

-Stephen Colbert???

……….and maybe not enough attention to….

-the Pakistani president/dictator and his cabinet/regime as he/they put the judiacry under house arrest and scrap their constitution?

-the (you choose) “illegal” or “humanitarian” efforts to (you choose) “kidnap” or “rescue” 103 children by the group Zoe’s Ark in Chad-after being paid about $3500 for each one?

a couple “presidential” gems….

thumbs down- Iran’s President Ahmnadinejad boldly announces his country now has 3,000 uranium-enriching centrifuges fully working.

thumbs up- French President Sarkozy appears before a very welcoming US Congress and boldy affirms a close Franco-American relationship.


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