fear1I saw this headline on MSN.com today…

“Dresden crowds tell a chilling tale of Europe’s fear of migrants”

Fear. Europe and the USA primarily, are nations which have an “immigration problem”. They’re afraid. What are they afraid of? If asked, they would likely say that they fear losing control of their country to the “other”. They fear losing identity. They fear dilution of the intrinsic nature of what it means to be American, to be British, to be etc.

I call hogwash on that. Let’s cut to the chase. Deep down, locked away in a place which few can access and even fewer acknowledge, there is a fear of being accountable. A fear of losing the wealth and spoils acquired from centuries of pillaging, colonizing, raping, burning, corrupting, devastating, and destroying those very places which desperate migrants are coming from.

The great powers of Europe and America ran roughshod over the known world for centuries. Please consider that again; CENTURIES. I don’t even have to list what they did, who they did it to, or how they did it. If you don’t know it, you’ve just landed here or have been living under a rock. Okay, I suppose you could be watching only Fox News for years also.

Come on, what part of this do you not get? You can’t understand why Human Beings from regions which we, yes WE, ravaged like a cheap buffet and still left without paying, will risk their lives seeking an opportunity to live meaningful lives?

The depth of your fears cannot hold a candle to the hopeless desperation coupled with the steel courage it must take to attempt a journey to a “first world” country. Where even if one gets there, nothing is promised, not much is even likely, except to be vilified, hunted down and deported or worse. And Americans and Europeans are afraid?!?! Excuse me!?!?


Karma. Chickens coming home to roost. What goes ’round comes ’round. You don’t get it? This privileged society which we enjoy did not come from pixie dust or unicorn farts. You know what happened, but you want it to all be water under the bridge now. Live and let live, starting now. Get over it, it’s all in the distant past. Well not that distant really. But that’s what you’d love I bet. Let bygones be bygones. Um, sorry. No.

Take advantage of people for hundreds of years, then starting NOW! you want a clean slate where you havebecause you worked for it, you earned it, you deserve it– and they do not havebecause they squandered it, refuse to earn it, don’t deserve it?

I’ve heard it ad nauseam, “my family never owned slaves”, “I’m not prejudice against anyone”, blah, blah, blah. On an individual basis, most members of the dominating class are hypocrites. I don’t have the energy to get into it here, but it’s so obvious to me as to render any of their paltry “proof” as embarrassingly ridiculous.

It’s the system. It’s the institutions which the system supports and maintains. It’s the framework of a society which was built on the backs of those who were prevented from enjoying the fruits of their labor.

So don’t be surprised when their descendants demand recompense for generations of being subjected to a (globally implemented) system of injustice and inequality.





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