From the iPad…

Thought I’d try something different and more convenient. That is, posting to my blog from my iPad mini. I have a Logitech keyboard on it so that makes it more like a laptop (which by the way I do not use anyway, I generally use a tower PC with 23″ monitor). As an aside, so far I’ve misspelt about 7 words so its not that easy I guess.

However, I am also balancing this thing on my patio wall, I have a decent size cigar in my left hand as I type, and I am working my way through an after-dinner Bloody Mary. I also note that my cursor jumps around (hic).

The bloody Mary mix was left here by my best friends. I dropped them of Sunday night at Sky Harbor airport to catch their red-eye back to Milwaukee and winter (yuck). What a phenomenal weekend with my favorite couple. We hiked in the desert 3 times, climbed “A Mountain”, enjoyed some great Scotch, hung out on Mill Avenue and Scottsdale’s Old Town. I discovered venues and met some awesome “kids” – a bunch of 20-something self-described hipsters working together as an awesome team at the rustically upscale “Cornish Pasty Shoppe” in Scottsdale.

I’ve known my Todd since I was in 5th grade and he was in 4th. His wife Randi joined our circle of friends (more like brothers, some of us going back to 1963 when we were 5 years old) in the mid 90s so we are truly close. I also finally got to connect with another grade school classmate who lives in north Scottsdale five months a year.

Needless to say as Wisconsin natives, if you cut us we bleed cheese; me less than them because I always wanted out of that place, but it’s in my DNA I suppose. Suffice to say we toured the renowned Tempe Art Fair in 80+ temps on Saturday then hunkered down at an open-air sports bar to imbibe in Margaritas and watch the Wisconsin Badgers battle the University of Arizona Wildcats for the right to go to the Final Four in Dallas next weekend.

There was a sprinkling of Wisconsin transplants and snowbirds in the house and of course more than a few UofA supporters. The real fun was we were actually in UofA’s biggest rival, Arizona State’s turf on Mill Ave, so the place was crawling with my fellow, mostly undergrad, students. This dynamic was a blast because as soon as the UofA boosters started chanting “UofA, UofA”, when their team did well, the ASU Sun Devil faithful immediately broke in and shut them down with rousing chants of “ASU, ASU!”. It was, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” and thus the forks were pitched at UofA from all sides. If you don’t know what happened, well we (Wisconsin) won by one point. Even though they were seeded #1 and #2, for many it was still a huge upset by Big Red.









Here’s how the last 2.3 seconds of overtime went (cover your ears, there will be shrieking)…

So until next time, I say good-bye to my friends…..









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