Kenya’s horror



At least 800 people have died in the aftermath of Kenya’s presidential elections that were held on December 27th, 2007.

The President, Mr. Mwai Kibaki, is an ethnic Kikuyu. Observers report widespread evidence of vote-rigging that assured the sitting president would be re-elected. Unfortunately it appears that yet another corrupt African politician has put his ego, his bank account, and his selfish tyranny ahead of the lives of his fellow human beings, ahead of the lives of his fellow Kenyans.  

Did he really believe that he could orchestrate a callous act of flagrant cheating to remain in power, without any consequence? Perhaps he believed he could keep the damage “under the radar” of international scrutiny and slither back into power. Perhaps he believed that the lives of a few dozen innocent children- burned to death- was a political liability he could withstand.

This tragic, horrific turn of events in East Africa has ignited a powder keg of ethnic bitterness between Kikuyu and Luo not unlike that of Rwanda’s Hutu vs. Tutsi genocide.

When will these “leaders” stop their morally corrupt behavior? The heroic level of a Nelson Mandela is sadly so rare. Instead the list of tragic despots continues to grow along with *STOP*

I stopped writing the above post because I can’t stomach anymore of this. I have just read that Melitus Mugabe Were, a freshman member of Parliament, who could have been one of the keys to unlocking Kenya’s crisis, was dragged out of his car and shot to death on Tuesday morning as he pulled out of his gated driveway.

This is a tragedy that will certainly result in an almost unimaginable increase of the chaos and violence in Kenya.

Already we are hearing reports of the country’s unfrastructure being destroyed by angry mobs. Railroad tracks being torn up, telephone poles being chopped down and government buildings being destroyed.

The sad reality is that the frustration that started it all can be directly traced to the sitting president. This cheater, this crazy old fool of a man can’t see that he has caused this disaster? He is letting his own country be destroyed, perhaps eventually beyond recognition. For what? To maintain his illegaly gained position. 

I can’t wrap my brain around any thought process that thinks that’s okay. 



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