Movie “The Shift”

Movie “The Shift”

Originally titled, “Ambition to Meaning, finding your life’s purpose”, Wayne Dyer has knocked one out of the park on his first try at feature film-making. At least that’s the opinion from this reviewer; albeit one who has never been mistaken for Siskel or Ebert.

Now titled, “The Shift“, Dr. Dyer, playing himself, weaves his wisdom within the fabric of 3 stories that are bound to hit home in some way for every viewer. The location (Asilomar, in Big Sur) is stunning. The music is mesmerizing. And yes, even the acting is top notch. 

There’s something here for everyone, but especially for anyone feeling that there should be something more to life than conforming to cultural mores that leave one feeling as if they’ve never quite arrived eben after a lifetime of striving.

I’ve been listening to the messages from Wayne Dyer for over 25 years and I’ve even met him a couple of times. He’s an inspring, sincere, and spiritual man who most certainly walks his talk. I’ve modeled much of my personal philosophy on what he’s conveyed…hmmm, I’m not sure if that’s why I’m starting to look like him though 🙂

Living an inspired, blissful life is possible; and maybe all you may need is a shift in the way you think.

Because when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.


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