Okay once more…

It isn’t voter fraud.

Will all the folks who seem to think the “fabric of our democracy” is being threatened, take a deep breath and read that again…

It isn’t voter fraud.

I know you want to believe it. I know you are deliriously convinced that there is an organized effort underway to steal the election from the apparently much more deserving McCain/Palin ticket.

But please, do yourself a favor and use your own brain. Not Rush’s, Hannity’s or Ingram’s. Look at the facts. Look at reality. It may not be what you want to see, hear, or read. But it’s true. 

It isn’t voter fraud.

It may be lazy, inept workers; but it isn’t voter fraud.

As factcheck.org  states it….


“Aside from the heated charges and counter-charges, no evidence has yet surfaced to show that the ACORN employees who submitted fraudulent registration forms intended to pave the way for illegal voting.

Rather, they were trying to get paid by ACORN for doing no work. Dan Satterberg, the Republican prosecuting attorney in King County, Wash., where the largest ACORN case to date was prosecuted, said that the indicted ACORN employees were shirking responsibility, not plotting election fraud.”

Satterberg: [A] joint federal and state investigation has determined that this
scheme was not intended to permit illegal voting.

Instead, the defendants cheated their employer, ACORN, to get paid for work they did not actually perform. ACORN’s lax oversight of their own voter registration drive permitted this to happen. … It was hardly a sophisticated plan: The defendants simply realized that making up names was easier than actually canvassing the streets looking for unregistered voters. …

[It] appears that the employees of ACORN were not performing the work that they were being paid for, and to some extent, ACORN is a victim of employee theft.


Please note it was the REPUBLICAN prosecuting attorney.


So whatever hyperbole McCain & Palin are throwing at their rallies, please know they are full of crap. They know they are lying. They know they are exaggerating facts beyond belief. And it should insult your intelligence. To buy into it without using some critical thinking is to position yourself among the lowest common denominator of American.

You have to be better than that.

You have to question the illogic they are feeding you.

Neither Mickey Mouse or the Dallas Cowboy offensive line are going to show up with ID’s to vote. The same with the other made up names. These minimum wage workers are not the ground force of some army of conspirators being manipulated from behind the curtain by the Wizard Obama.

Take the time to look at FACTS. You remember FACTS, don’t you?

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