Our Next President?


 ….okay, so maybe our next President will not be Kevin Spacey. But I can’t help it, every time I see Mike Huckabee, I swear he reminds me of ol’ Keyser Soze. Come on, don’t you see it?



The Huckster….


 …I started collecting images of these 2 about a week ago, looking for a “perfect match”. I didn’t quite find one but in my latest search I did find this blogger, Chris Phillips,who had the same idea. I like his style… “Pages That No One Will Read”. I would never copy (per se) so because I did see the resemblance without suggestion or innuendo from elsewhere, (and was falling behind on my entries) I am going ahead with this post.

 Even though it looks like Chris and I serve the same readership…the “No One” demographic that for some reason does not attract advertisers….who woulda thunk it? 


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