Reporting live from….

…the home office, we’ll be commenting on the inauguration as it happens.

(all times eastern)

1039- celebrities and dignitaries continue to file in. Dustin Hoffman, Muhammad Ali, Magic Johnson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the entire House of Representatives.

The scope of this is almost indescribeable- like wrapping your brain around the Grand Canyon upon first sight of it.

Hundreds of thousands of people gathering…. arguably the largest gathering of Americans ever…. almost third world in scope as we are more of a stay-at-home-watch-it-on-tv kind of nation.

more to come….

 1047- VP Cheney leaving the White House in a wheel chair… sad but symbolic? Kind of how he left us- crippled.

sightings: Dan Quayle, Al Gore, John McCain

Obama and Bush emerge smiling from White House as the transfer of power begins.


new presidential limo is described as a “rolling tank” by CNN.

1051- the convoy is rolling.

even the motorcade is bigger than life… long and wide, they roll along the crowded route of screaming supporters. flags waving, lights flashing, sirens, laughter, smiles, tears of joy, 40-50 deep along the street. armored vehicles.

1058- controversial rev rick warren takes his seat.

1059- the “presidents” are at the capitol.

1100- the “first ladies” enter the capitol.

1101- “43 & 44” walk the hall together, entering the capitol.

1102- the chief justice and supreme court judges arrive on the dais.

1104- the sense of history with this inauguration has not been missed by the networks.

1105- is there a better example to the rest of the world of the IDEA of a free democracy an d peaceful transfer of power than this? what a powerful message from a country that once considered a Black Man as 3/5ths of a person.


1107- The Quayles, Gores and Mondales enter.

1110- CNN says they requested an image of this scene from space and will have it soon. nice.

1111- seeing the rival politicos smiling and appearing genuinely happy or at least respectful of the event is a goosebump moment for sure.


1114- Mr & Mrs Bush 41, the Carters, and the Clintons enter

1117- scenes of – dare I write – a million people

1118- watching Bill Clinton escort Bush the Elder who is hobbling was very touching.

1119- Chris Matthews takes my queue and comments on the Bill Clinton/HWBush relationship that is almost father/son-like. wow.

1120- The former Presidents and First Ladies are introduced and seated to the fanfare of the Marine Band.

1121- amazingly no one, not even his wife, is assisting HW as he hobbles down the stairs shaking hands.

1122- The Clintons emerge and are seated to a HUGE visible ovation.

1123- shot of a moving van behind the white house- the transition of boxes, momentos, photographs. out with the old…

1124- Sasha and Malia with their Grandma, enter… looking cute, happy and not nervous.

1126- Mrs. Bush and Mrs Cheney arrive.

1127- the daughters get a roar as they are seated with the First Grandmother.

1128- scanning the seated dignitaries…truly a goosebump moment of unity.

1131- Pres Bush ready to be introduced. 

1133- some disrespect to Pres Bush as some in the crowd decide to sing the nah nah nah nah song…. that’s a sad reflection on those few.

1135- while the cameras love the gorgeous Obama girls, VP Cheney is wheeled in with Pres Bush and the top politicos…. Hail to the Chief is played.

1137- The co-mingling of the most powerful politicians is an interesting sight indeed.

1138- first Barack sighting in the hall

1139- VP-Elect Biden introduced

1143- With the Marine Band trumpeting his arrival, President-elect Barack Hussein Obama is introduced to the crowd!

1145- the ceremony begins… and I am oughtta here to watch it.

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