The Perfect Storm


Almost undoubtedly John McCain & Co are breathing a sigh of relief after hearing that both George Bush and Dick Cheney will NOT be at the Republican National Convention on Monday because of Hurricane Gustav.

After bungling the government’s response and attention to Katrina in 2005, smiling appearances by B & C at the RNC would be a PR nightmare for Johnny Mac and Sarah Smile.

Pres and his puppet master are likely not going “ta be out choppin’ wood”, hunting fellow hunters- oops I mean- quail; staring at- oops I mean- reading to kids in an elementary school; or even on the red-phone chatting it up with his “Pooty-poot” in Moscow. 

So when Gustav makes landfall on Monday, expect the “brain trust” to be in seclusion.

And McCain has got to be thrilled about every mile between Bush and Minneapolis this week. I’m sure we will get a somber, presidential looking McCain because of Gustav. 

But we all know how the Republican administration has responded to domestic disasters of late, specifically Katrina. Somehow we can have blankets, food, water, and shelter to victims around the world faster than any country; but we all watched in horror as a MAJOR U.S. city turned into a Stephen King movie. We simply refused to effectively assist, rescue or repair our own people and their homes. There was no excuse. There was not any single disaster that showed better the inequities that still exist in this greatest country in the world.

Godspeed New Orleans. Congratulations McCain. 


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