The View


I never thought I’d be citing “The View” in any way, shape or form, however to reflect my view (no pun intendend), I watched the ladies discuss the aforementioned comments by Rush Limbaugh.

Most importantly, they actually play the segment from Rush’s show. I encourage a close listen. If it doesn’t make you feel extremely yucky then I guess we would just agree to disagree.

However, tell me that THIS type of American snobbery and elitism isn’t precisely what most of us and the rest of the world find so hypocritical about our great melting pot of American civilization.

That we should proudly stand as this shining example of freedom and diversity in the world, yet our most popular radio show spouts this tripe. Freedom of speech? most definitely. Bring it on, Rush. I would just hope that someday the fallacy of what he speaks is readily apparent to all fair-minded people.

To fathers of daughters, to minorities, to anyone living the “American Dream”, to Christians, Jews, and Muslims, to any true American, I urge you to consider the video below….




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