The Wrath of God (insert quarter)


I ran across this video a minute ago and cannot believe the irony. Here’s Stuart Shepard, Director of Digital Media for Focus On the Family, standing in front of Mile High Stadium in Denver late last week.

He’s standing there to make a plea for his followers to pray for rain to spoil Barack Obama’s acceptence speech.

He’s praying to a “vending-machine” God. The God with the white beard and robe, sitting on his omnipotent throne, listening to the pleas of his minions, then mercifully dispensing prizes to those he agrees with. The God that liked the Giants over the Patriots in the Superbowl, and the US over Spain at the Olympics.

If that’s the case, then what about Stuart’s logic? How does he explain God’s “answer”?

That answer to Stuart’s flock who prayed to God to spoil the political convention of the political party that God doesn’t like?

What happened? “Hurricane Gustav” happened.

Using Stuart’s logic, God just told him what he thinks of the REPUBLICAN party. God not only said, “you think having it INDOORS is gonna stop ME from disrupting it?”, he also decided he may not want to just spoil one night, but maybe the whole week.

At least that’s what one would have to believe if one was following this reward & punish belief system.

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