U2 in PHX, Me & ONE

 As a volunteer for ONE.org, I was at the U2 concert at the University of Phoenix stadium. Awesome show.

The underlying message came from Archbishop Desmond Tutu

 The stage was gargantuan…


The video screen redefined what a video screen is. 54 tons, expands to 14,000 sq feet. (oh, and I had good seats 🙂 “The inner circle” I believe they called it) Not too mention a brief stint on the outer ring of the stage.


Here’s a video of it in action…

Okay I had good seats 🙂 but only my iPhone camera 🙁


But we were there to sign people up…and kiss 🙂 grueling work, but someone had to do it.

Find out more here.


Hey, that’s me in the background…but okay, you think the foreground is better huh 🙂 That’s Destiny, my fellow photographer for the campaign.


and I met some new friends… like Kelly and Sarah…. 


and Hassan….


and Cami, Ryan, and their son Bryce (who I had met at the African fest last week also!)


But the goosebump moment for many of us clearly came when Bono dedicated the song “Walk On” to Aung San Su Kyi. The democratically elected leader of Burma has been held under house arrest by the military for almost 20 years. The show of support for her from the 60,000 in attendance was genuine, profound and moving.

…And that’s us that Walked On the stage at the end of the song 🙂 Incredible feeling.


Learn more about her here and here.



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