Happy New Year

A year ago, I decided that my mantra for 2008 would be Dignity & Purpose, and for the most part I kept that formula in my daily meditation and living. 

For this new year I want to go deeper and strengthen my connection to the Source. There is an unmistakable vibration of inspiration, calm and direction that comes in an unlimited supply, when that connection is clear.

One possible mantra would be to “Answer a Higher Calling“, but without that clear signal it could be a wrong number. And just where would I be looking or listening to get that calling?

Gurus, books, movies, etc, all are teachers but none can provide the answers. I want my mantra to be an instruction, a focus, a reminder of where the higher awareness lies.

So I am going to turn it around a bit and draw my direction, my inspiration and my answers from within.  My mantra for 2009 is…

“Look Inward”

The doorway to higher levels of awareness opens inward. We tend to look outside ourselves for the answers, but instead my intention is to look inward to that silent quiet space where the universal intelligence lies.



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