Friday’s World Music Video


Well once again the date says it’s Saturday but not here. So still time to post a world music video as promised.

Here’s the legendary Femi Kuti; son of African icon Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

Femi was born in London on 16 June 1962 to Fela and Remi Kuti and grew up in the former Nigerian capital, Lagos. His mother soon left his father, taking Femi to live with her. In 1977, though, Femi chose to move in with his father. Femi eventually became a member of his father’s band.

Like his father, Femi has shown a strong commitment to social and political causes throughout his career, but he differs from his father in his religious views.

I had the great pleasure to meet Femi in Milwaukee after his Summerfest 2007 performance. You can see my images from that concert on my web gallery here. Look in the “World Music” album. And it was a blast meeting the members of his band (pic at the top of this post).

Here’s Femi performing one of his hits, “Beng, Beng, Beng”


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