Let it go, dear…


I saw Sarah Palin tell Wolf Blitzer that she is still concerned about President-elect Barack Obama’s “association with a non-repentent domestic terrorist…even though the campaign is over”.


Maybe we should be concerned about Sarah’s association with her pregnant-minor-daughter’s-soon-to-be-shotgun-married-hubby’s-mom who was recently arrested on felony drug charges in good ‘ol God-fearing Wasila, AK.

Maybe we should be concerned with a candidate for the Republican National Committee chairmanship who said Friday that the CD he sent committee members for Christmas – which included a song titled “Barack the Magic Negro” – was clearly intended as a joke.

Joke? hmmmm.

I guess there are those that encourage an inclusive, rational discourse through forward-thinking dignity and wisdom (Obama), and then there are those that spew vile divisiveness through fear-mongering, religious pretension and denegrating racial “humor” (Palin & Co.).  


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