Blissfully UnweLL, thank you…

Fresh off of being called a “pseudo-intellectual” by an obvious admirer (I’ve been called worse, this year too, and hey, who am I to argue with other people’s opinions of me), it’s a good time to update what’s been happening lately.

To me.

A narcissistic, pseudo-intellectual.

Sorry, I neglected the narcissistic part earlier, however after looking in the mirror, hey what can I say that hasn’t already been said?

Anyway, however it may irritate some, on Wednesday this week I was admitted to ASU’s New College of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences for the upcoming fall semester. The program I will be in is the Master of Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS). Unlike my Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS…or probably “BS” to some people), I will not so much choose two individual disciplines, as much as I will be looking at a “problem” or issue that resonates with me and through an interdisciplinary approach, develop research toward clarity, understanding or solution. Or something to that effect.

To say I am “stoked” would be an understatement. I intend to use these five months before the starting gun goes off to prepare almost incessantly. I have been “disciplined” enough during this crazy, ummm, gap year (?), that I’ve been keeping notes of any and all ideas related to my interests and passions. Whenever they come to me. Even in the middle of the night. Confession: I sleep with my iPhone. But trust me, there’s no hanky-panky happening between me & HER…(who loves you, Siri?). In other words, inspiritaion and EUREKA! moments can strike at any time and I’ve learned that they come on gossamer wings. If I don’t write them down, they flitter away into the ether.

Contemplation and exploration lead to nascent ideas which then coalesce into possible research tracks; ideally evolving into an academic path that may eventually flourish into anything from a PhD program to my wandering the earth, and beyond.

The downside to my admission (and this is completely understandable), is my having to attend the first year as a non-resident. My gotta-try-or-you’ll-never-know eight months adventure away from Arizona in 2013 cost me about $9k more in tuition. But the great news was received on Thursday when the program director notified me that I was awarded a Graduate Education Fellowship. I could type a dozen adjectives to express my gratitude for that, but suffice to say I am thrilled to begin this next adventure in life.

Deciding to “live my bliss”, “seek my personal legend”, and/or “follow my heart” was and always is (ALWAYS) the best philosophy. But of course, I’m a narcissitic, pseudo-intellectual, so what the hell do I know?

And now this…


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